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Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law

The Right-to-Know Law
65 P.S. §67.101 and following sections constitute this law. It was recently updated as SB1, PL 6, No. 3 of 2008, dated February 14, becoming effective immediately.

Who can make a FOIA request? (Freedom of Information Act)
§67.102 defines a requestor as “a person that is a legal resident of the United States and requests a record pursuant to this act.”

How much does it cost to obtain requested materials?
A public body may charge a fee for a public record search, the necessary copying of a public record for inspection, or for providing a copy of the public record.

How do I make a request under this Act?
A person desiring to inspect or receive a copy of a public record shall make a written request for the public record to the open records officer of a public body.

How can an agency respond?

Upon receipt of written request, the agency must make a good faith effort to determine if the request is a public record and whether the agency has possession of the identified record and to respond as promptly as possible. The agency generally has five days to respond to the request. If it does not, the request can be deemed to have been denied by the requestor.

The material provided shall be in the medium requested, if the material exists in that medium.

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