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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Law Library?

The Lycoming Law Library models intergovernmental and private cooperation. James V. Brown Library came to house the Law Library by agreement with Lycoming County in 2006, and the budget for legal materials is supported by the county, in part. The bar association of Lycoming County, the Lycoming Law Association (LLA) also participates by means of an advisory committee on selection of materials, and other issues of concern to the local legal professional community. The LLA web site can be found at .

Where is the Law Library located?

The Lycoming Law Library is located on the west side of the Rotunda Reading Room on the Fourth Street (south) side of the Library. There are additional law-oriented books among the Adult Non-Fiction titles on the third floor.

Do attorneys work at the law library?

No. The law library is led by a Law Librarian, and other professional staff. The Law Librarian and all staff are prohibited by statute from practicing law. The librarians cannot provide legal advice, interpret laws or court rules, or fill out legal forms

What can the reference staff do to assist me with my legal question?

Staff can steer patrons to the most authoritative and helpful print and online resources currently available. Patrons have full access to the legal collection, computer access to the Lexis database, in addition to the circulating self-help legal works available on many topics. The legal collection includes Federal law, Pennsylvania state laws, and ordinances for all entities in Lycoming County.  Staff in NOT available to perform legal research.

Can the librarians define legal terms?

No. Black’s Law Dictionary and topic-based encyclopedias and digests are available.

What self-help resources are available on the Web?

There are many websites which provide useful information. Among these are

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania, at

The Pennsylvania Court of Common Please is available from

Pennsylvania Superior Court is available from

Pennsylvania Supreme Court is available from

Lycoming County has some self-help documents at

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