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Expungement of ARD Records

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, also referred to as ARD, is a pre-trial criminal program designed to allow for the prompt disposition of charges, elimination the need for costly and time-consuming trials..

ARD is offered at the discretion of the district attorney, usually to first-time, non-violent offenders. ARD offers the possibility of restoration of a clean record, provided the defendant completes the ARD program successfully. The specific requirements of an ARD program are unique to each circumstance.

A defendant may be considered for ARD if there is no prior history of criminal or delinquent behavior, and no PREVIOUS ARD experience. The trial court decides on the admission to the ARD program.

The effect of the ARD program is that a defendant is placed on pre-trial probation for a specific period of time, and is subject to whatever conditions the trial judge may impose.

Standards and rules for eligibility vary from county to county, and there may be local ARD rules supplementing the state rules. Lycoming County has not issued local rules in addition to the state rules, although Clinton County has.

The Lycoming County Law Library at the James V. Brown Library owns the Pennsylvania Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Handbook by Karen G. Ricca and Arthur S. Zanan, call number R 344.73 RIC

Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure 300 to 320 pertain to Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.

Rule 300 deals with ARD in summary cases

Rule 301 deals with procedures for ARD disposition in summary cases before the minor judiciary.

Rule 302 deals with procedures for ARD disposition in summary cases before the Court of Common Pleas with Local Option.

Rule 310 deals with motions for ARD disposition.

Rule 311 deals with the ARD application process and Notice of Motion by the Attorney for the Commonwealth.

Rule 312 deals with the hearing, and explanation of the ARD Program.

Rule 313 deals with hearing, and manner of the proceeding.

Rule 314 deals with the deferment of action upon admission to the ARD program before the filing of information.

Rule 315 deals with the deferment of Adjudication of the Charges upon Admission to the ARD Program after Information.

Rule 316 deals with the conditions within the ARD Program.

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